How to Successfully Study for the GMAT Test
October 20, 2017

MBA GMAT Study Tips

Reported By Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

The GMAT, or the Graduate Management Admissions Test, is required for students who plan to pursue an MBA. It’s a standardized test, much like the GRE or the SAT, that gauges different skills and is used to determine your eligibility for certain programs.

About 250,000 people take the test each year, which means there are plenty of study materials available to you before you take the . . . Continue Reading

Is An MBA Still Worth The Time And Tuition?
October 18, 2017

MBA Admissions

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This month, King’s College London said it would not offer an MBA because there was not enough employer demand for the flagship business qualification. In September, Tippie College of the US similarly deserted the full-time MBA. Meanwhile, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reportedthat applications to the majority of US business school courses fell for the third year on the trot. 

Is . . . Continue Reading

The Financial Times Releases Executive MBA Rankings for 2017
October 17, 2017

MBA Admissions Ranking

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EMBA-Global Asia, delivered by Columbia, LBS, and HKU, debuts at spot number two

The Financial Times has released its Executive MBA Ranking for 2017.

EMBA programs offered jointly by two or more schools dominate the top spots in the ranking. The EMBA from Kellogg and HKUST leads the ranking again this year, as it did last year. This EMBA's alumni salaries three years after gradation were just over $478,000 USD - by far the highest salaries of all EMBA programs i . . . Continue Reading

Display EQ and Leadership In MBA Applications
October 10, 2017

MBA Admissions

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Stories of overcoming adversity and achieving success in difficult circumstances are excellent fodder for an MBA application.

MBA admissions experts and students say the reason these stories of challenge and resilience are so important is because they provide proof that a b-school applicant possesses two traits vital for business success: emotional intelligence and leadership potential.

Why MBA Programs Value Emotional IQContinue Reading

The best B-Schools in South Africa – and the study cost
October 5, 2017

MBA Admissions Top BSchools

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The Financial Mail has published its market research for ranking the best MBAs in South Africa in 2017, with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) retaining its dominance.

The rankings place GIBS first in three categories; first choice for graduates, most reputable MBA programme among employers, and best overall reputation among employers.

The research was compiled by assessing responses from employers which hire MBA graduates and encourage employees to attain . . . Continue Reading

Test Scores, GPAs On The Rise at Top BSchools
October 4, 2017

MBA Admissions Top BSchools

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If you're applying to a selective MBA program, chances are good that the people you are competing against have higher grades and test scores than applicants in prior years.

Steady growth in MBA graduates' salaries and job opportunities has encouraged many talented individuals to apply to top business schools, experts say. That means applicants to elite MBA programs face stiff competition.

"Applicants should understand that as schools get more compe . . . Continue Reading

Will an MBA earn you more money?
October 2, 2017

MBA Ranking Deciding

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MBA degrees enjoy great prestige in Asia, with the lure of bigger salaries and a passport to a new, high-flying career – but is a postgrad degree just the new normal?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) brand is steeped in tradition and prestige. It’s a brand that has been built over 107 years, since eight people received the world’s first MBA degree from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1910.

Today the MBA is among the world’s most popu . . . Continue Reading

11 Toughest Britain Business Schools To Get Into
October 1, 2017

MBA Admissions UK Top BSchools

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Getting a degree in business can be a springboard into a lucrative career in banking or finance.

Certain names carry more weight than others when it comes to advertising your achievements to potential employers. As a result, many of the top business schools in the UK are heavily oversubscribed for places.

This week, the Sunday Times published its annual ranking of the UK's best universities, which ranks establishments according to a number of factors including course satisfaction, student to st . . . Continue Reading

Should Your MBA Application Wait Until Round 2 ? - 3 Signs
September 30, 2017

MBA Admissions

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Round one or round two – deciding when to apply for business school can weigh heavily on many applicants' minds. 

In the world of b-school admissions, there's definitely a lot of pressure for candidates to try to submit in the first round, when all the seats in the class are available and applicants are only compared against other early applicants. 

You have numerous advantages if you apply in round one and receive an admi . . . Continue Reading

Analyzing B-Schools : Why Ranking Makes A Difference
September 27, 2017

MBA Admissions Ranking

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Love them or hate them, rankings are a marketing and reputational window to the world. They contain an approximate level of truth and offer students and recruiters a broad comparison of schools.

Do business school and MBA rankings matter? That may be a strange question to ask in the Financial Mail’s annual Ranking the MBAs publication, but it’s one increasingly being addressed by business school administrators and academics.

Rankings are fiercely contested around the world. The Universit . . . Continue Reading