Choosing the Right MBA Program for Finance and Banking
September 26, 2017

MBA Admissions Banking Finance

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

Experts say the best MBA programs for finance tend to have high placement rates in financial institutions. 

There's an old adage in the business world that personal success is driven not only by what you know but also by who you know.

The value of personal connections is something that experts say prospective MBA students should keep in mind if their goal is to enter the finance industry.

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€200,000 MBA scholarship for Australian students to study in Trinity launched
September 25, 2017

MBA Scholarship Australia Dongrila

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The Governor General of Australia announced its launch during his visit to College. The launch of a new scholarship fund for Australian business students in Trinity was announced by the Governor General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove, during his visit to College.

Yesterday, Cosgrove announced the launch of a new partnership between The Ireland Funds Australia and Trinity Business School, which will see €200,000 dedicated to supporting Australian students wishing to enrol on the Trinity Master in . . . Continue Reading

85 per cent of MBA courses in India report rise in applications
September 25, 2017

MBA Admissions India Application

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The growth among the larger US programmes is driven by a resurgence of domestic applications, offsetting declines in international applicants.

Nearly 3 in 4 (73 per cent) graduate business programs with 201 or more class seats report increased application volumes this year compared to 39 per cent of the smallest programs (50 or fewer class seats), according to a new application trends survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). 

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10 BSchools Where Students Carry The Most Debt
September 22, 2017

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Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board 

Getting an MBA can be a costly investment. But the amount of debt graduates have may depend largely on the business school they attend. Among the 10 schools where graduates on average borrowed the most, that figure was $106,987.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, where half of 2016 graduates left with debt, tops the list. On average, they owed $121,822.

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4 MBA Admissions Myths Dispelled By Factual Data
September 19, 2017

MBA Admission Essay Dongrila

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

The 2017 application season marks the 10th year since I started following MBA admissions trends closely, 8 years since I became an MBA myself, and 6 years that I’ve been advising MBA applicants on their options. Despite the years of experience, I find that quite often I cannot convince potential MBA applicants that rumors they have heard from friends or things they have read on message boards are not always correct.

But luckily, there is a website that has been tracking and analyzing data on MBA admis . . . Continue Reading

ISB and IIMB Join Hands to Coach B School Faculty
September 15, 2017

IIm ISB Coach Faculty Dongrila

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Team

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) have joined hands to organise the ISB-IIMB Doctoral Consortium on Teaching for doctoral candidates who are about to start their careers as faculty at Indian B Schools.

Led by Professors Arun Pereira, Executive Director of the Centre for Learning and Management (CLMP) at the ISB, and Sourav Mukherji, Dean of Academic Programmes at IIMB, the Consortium had participation from doctora . . . Continue Reading

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your First Month of MBA
September 14, 2017

MBA First Month Dongrila

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Team

If you're just starting your MBA, who better to get advice from than those who have been there and done it?

What they all have in common is that they made the most of their MBA experience early on.

Whether you’re looking to make a career triple jump—changing industry, role, and location—or hone your business skills to realize your entrepreneurial dreams, here’s five ways to get the most out of the first month of your MBA:

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MBA Admissions: Should You Apply In Round 1 Or Round 2?
September 1, 2017

MBA Admissions Round1 Dongrila

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Team

While August is typically a vacation season, when everyone seems to be relaxed and carefree, MBA applicants have no time for rest.

Round one (R1) deadlines are approaching, with Harvard Business School being among the first to collect their applications (and, of course, ding the majority of them) in early September.

Some applicants are taking their last chance to improve their GMAT or TOEFL/IELTS score, others are striving to devise a compelling story or pushing their recommenders, who never want to . . . Continue Reading

10 MBA Programs With Higher Acceptance Rates
August 29, 2017

MBA Admissions

Reported by Karen Gonsavles - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

Applying to graduate business programs can be stressful, especially for MBA applicants who are applying to a reach school.

MBA hopefuls worrying about getting into business school may find it reassuring to know there are full-time MBA programs that accept most applicants.

Full-time acceptance rates at these MBA programs were more than 30 percentage points higher than the overall average acceptance rate among all ranked programs, which w . . . Continue Reading

How to Address Weaknesses, Strengths as MBA Applicant
August 23, 2017

MBA Application Tips

Reported by Karen Gonsalves - Dongrila Inc. 

Faced with increasingly stiff competition for a spot at the top business schools, MBA applicants must possess more than stellar test scores and a pedigreed employment and educational history to gain admission. The admissions committee is looking for that elusive je ne sais quoi when reading through application essays. 

Your job is to present your personal and professional narrative in a way that captivates the reader – and doesn’t come off as a recitation of your resum . . . Continue Reading