Which MBA Specialization Is The Best?
August 31, 2018

Which MBA Specialization Is The Best Dongrila

Reported by Rushil Mhatre - Guest Blogger Dongrila Inc. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) has always attracted students who wanted to pursue higher education and bag the most prestigious jobs. While opting for a management course, the two things playing a significant role which decides how the a student's professional career will be. The first one is the institution and the second is the specialization in MBA.

Apart from the core course, MBA specializations are equally important as it can fetch more jobs. Many students often confuse which MBA specialization is the best. Almost all the specializations are individually best in their areas, however, aspirants have to choose the field of study based on the market demand. There are many MBA specializations offered by various management institutes across the world.

Below are the most common MBA specializations which will open the doors for a better career prospect. To know why these MBA specializations are good, join the discussion!

MBA In Marketing

The marketing department is the most important one which brings profit to the company. For this reason, many corporate companies recruit employees who possess excellent marketing skills and can bring profit to the company by promoting their products or services.

Aspirants who opt for this specialization in MBA will get insights into various skills required to keep the company's profits on top. They will also learn about the concepts such as consumer behaviour, customer analysis, brand management, advertising, market research digital marketing and e-commerce.

MBA In HR (Human Resources)

The HR specialization in MBA helps you to understand how to manage the workforce in the organisation without disturbing the day to day administration. Students who opt for this specialization in MBA will hone their skills in managing the employees and sorting out the work-related issues.

This specialization even covers the areas such as selection, recruitment, assessments and training. The candidates will be trained on how to form a relationship between management and employees.

MBA In Finance

This specialization is known for offering high pay structure after the course completion. The specialization will help students learn about the financial theories and functioning of the financial world which will help them solve the everyday business problems.

Aspirants who take up this specialization will know about subjects related to taxation and tax planning, corporate valuation, management control system, insurance management, international finance, investment management and management of financial services.

MBA In IT (Information Technology)

This specialization is also called Management Information Systems (MIS). It has emerged as the most successful specialization because of the IT background. It opens up various positions in the service sector that includes e-commerce.

Budding engineers who are planning to pursue MBA will have an edge over the others with this specialization because of its detailed technical knowledge. One can hone their skills in the areas such as network security, supply chain management and project management besides business processes.

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