Emerging Trends in Biotechnology Subject: - Opening the Door for Multi-Prospects
September 13, 2018

Emerging Trends in Biotechnology Subject: - Opening the Door for Multi-Prospects

Reported by Kavita Pandey - Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

In my earlier blog, I have made an attempt to understand the available opportunities and scope from career perspectives in the biotechnology subject.

In my today’s blog, I shall try to explore the recent trends in biotechnology subject. I will also make an attempt to understand that the recent trends in biotechnology subject opening the multiple doors of opportunities to aspirants in various new areas from experts’ opinion. You may access my earlier blog on the same subject on the link (https://www.dongrila.com/post/133)

Dr. Rath, Head of the Department of Biotechnology in the University of Mumbai states, “With the job sector becoming more competitive, just a basic degree in biotechnology is no longer going to guarantee an immediate placement. The key is specialization or super specialization in one’s domain area. IPR and patent in biotechnology are one of the most sought-after areas. Bioinformatics is another option for students who prefer working with computers more than the wet lab work. With research involving artificial intelligence gaining momentum, data analysts in the biotech sector is going to have an edge and will have a lot of job opportunities in near future. There is also a dearth of biostatisticians in the biotech sector and anyone with a sound knowledge of biostatistics can carve a niche for themselves in the sector. Thus it is better to acquire extra skills in an area of chosen specialization to have an advantage with respect to employability.”

Thus, it is proved that biotechnology today is not a subject which provides the opportunity only in the laboratory or experiments field. It has come up with multiple options and interesting domain like management field.

Biotech expert’s trends in 2017 highlighted the 5 top trends in Biotechnology area. Some of the most exciting developments happened on the single-cell level, at the intersection of genetics and computer science. There was a time when biotech companies are loosely defined as smaller research and development companies that focus on identifying and bringing new molecules to the clinic. But today, its field has widened in various other areas which makes this field exciting and more interesting.

David Lowe, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Aeglea Biotherapeutics, told BioSpace, “I think there’s definitely pros and cons on both sides. The advantage for new grads coming into the industry, targeting biotech is really the opportunity to work in a dynamic organization that’s trying to develop something that’s new and novel. Being there is really to be part of directly contributing and possibly taking a position, seeing on a day-to-day basis how your efforts can impact the organization. It’s easy to get lost and be a very small cog in an enormous machine in pharma.”

With the view of two above experts in the field of biotechnology, it is clear that it is going to be one of the most exciting sectors for career opportunities for young graduates.

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