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This test series is an actual collection of psychometric tests from the corporate recruitment dockets of companies visiting campuses across various institutes.

Package Features:

This pakage contains questions straight from the docket of corporates prepared to test and filter the finest candidates during the placement process. This is bank of questions from the corporate recruitment docket which means this is the universe of question most likely to be thrown at candidates during the on-campus/off campus recruitment process.

This material contains 400+ solved questions, this is definitive guide to laying a strong foundation for the toughest interview processes. Practice makes us strong, so download and practice hard and win the psychometric test round with flying colors.

    File types included in the zipped package : PDF

    File size of the package : 3 Mb

    No. of Pages : 244

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Consumer Reviews

By Mikey
tests from the corporate docket..seems unbelievable but then soling them really gives us a feeling that last time I faced similar tests on my campus placements during my engg days

By Adelina Barrion
it is hard to find such tests targetted specifically for management placements .. Rare product at rare prices

By Indra Birowo

By Nora Aunor
3 products in this category is less you must introduce more

By Abhishek Singh

By Yayuk Basuki
relevant and efficient

By Luka
seems quite good

By Mahendra
actual psychometric tests from campuses seems like too much !! But then it feels genuine when I started solving