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Fully loaded guide to the most difficult subject in Bschool - Operations research. This OR guide will certainly make your concepts clearer for better scores.

Package Features:

Operations Research is by far the toughest subject of any management course, therefore our portal has 5 different practice material on this subject.

This special material is in the form of a WorkBook and contains solved questions designed specifically for students pursuing management studies.

This material contains 300+ questions, which means ample practice ground for a student to prepare for his exams. A thorough preparation of this material will definitely help you score well in this subject.


    File types included in the zipped package : PDF

    File size of the package : 2 Mb

    No. of Pages : 121

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Consumer Reviews

By Nau Hach
OR guide can really make a big difference in the lives of the students .. Thank you dongrila

By Cheng Heng

By Akashdeep Chautala

By Shankar Kuruvilla
OR guide at such prices ! I mean do you guys even make money.. ;)

By Kailash Agarwal
this is the most important product in ouyr portal I must say

By Olinda Cho

By Son Ngoc Minh
OR is the most hated and the most feared subject in bcshools

By Koina Sanyal
the only subject that I always feared was OR my seniors told me it single handedly tanks the grades of the entore batch, but now with this ammunition in hand I think I will be ready for semester 2