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A powerful workbook on statistics designed specially for Bschool students. It offers 100 solved questions and guarantees a better understadning of the subject.

Package Features:

Statistics is considered to be a challenging subject, it requires a lot of practice to have a hold on the basic concepts.

This special material is in the form of a WorkBook and contains solved questions designed specifically for students pursuing management studies. This is the first part of a 2 part workbook, the second part will be releasing soon.

This material contains 300+ questions, which means ample practice ground for a student to prepare for his exams. A thorough preparation of this material will definitely help you score well in this subject.

The WorkBook here is a collection of actual questions faced by students during their examinations on campus, therefore they are relevant and extremely important.

    File types included in the zipped package : PDF

    File size of the package : 1 Mb

    No. of Pages : 84

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Consumer Reviews

By Frank Hsieh
statistics is the one subject that troubles every student, we are basically clueless but you people have done a good work

By Lun Gywe

By Mohsin Attar
my stats has been weak even in school but with this material my confidence has really improved also because the material covers every aspect of problem solving in stats with numerous is a fantastic workbook

By Kewal Chopra
solved questions and that too in stats is just such a wonderful way of clearing one's concepts

By Daniel Choi
you havent covered the entire syllabus?are you planning to come out with a series 2 of the material?

By Kamaal Khan