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The most important 100 questions every company would throw at you during campus placements; personal, academic, professional & management related questions.

Package Features:

This special material is in the form of a capsule course and contains solved questions designed specifically for students pursuing management studies.

The WorkBook here is a collection of actual questions faced by students during their placement process on campus, therefore they are relevant and extremely important.

This material contains 100 important questions, which means ample practice ground for a student to prepare for his placements. A thorough preparation of this material will definitely give you an edge over others during the final battle - placements.


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    No. of Pages : 98

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Consumer Reviews

By Amarasiri Kalansuriva
100 important questions are actually so exhasutive that it leaves no stone unturned to preapre us for the coming challenge

By Vinod Pal
this should be there in every management student's placement kit

By Arushi
hugely recommended

By Arti Lakhanpal
very relevant and contemporary

By Shobha Nambiar
I bought all the material in this category, I want to be thoroughly prepared for my interviews

By Rajat Puri
this is gonna take you from campus to corporate

By Nagendra Cherian
the best part is that it is targetted specifically to management placements and not just general placements

By Nimesh Raj

By Yashpal Dogre

By Abhsihek Yadav

By Arvind Kandappah
it is definitely a very nice material on interviews but then some questions are rudimentary

By Nayana Karunarathe

By Faridoon Irani
easy to comprehend and easy to implement

By Komal Mathur