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The latest msut have for all HR aspirants, a calculator that will be necessary for all HR professionals in their careers. Contains every HR manager maintains.

Package Features:

Is there a possibility that you've heard of HR Calculators? None, right? 

So here we are, introducing this conspet of HR Calculators; a collection of excel sheets that help every HR professional to keep track of his core measurable KRAs (Key Result Area).

The excel included in this package includes calculators pertaining to: Above Average Performer yield, Absenteeism Percentage of ee's, Absenteeism Rate Per EE, Absenteeism-Combined Calculation, Applicant Flow Log 2, Applicant Interview Log, Application Flow Log, Backpay - OT Spreadsheet, Benefits Statement, Compa Ratio Calculation, Daily Time Log, FTE Calculation, HR Dept. Budget, HR Expense Factor, HR Ratio, Health Costs Per EE, Hire Yield Ratio, Human Capital ROI spreadsheet, Interview Acceptance Yield, Interview Offer Yield, Job Group Analysis, Job Offer Yield, LTA Absence Calendar, LTA Absence Tracking, Labor Cossts as Percent of Revenue, Min. Wage 2007-2009 Cost Calculation, Profit Per EE, Relocation Expense Request, Revenue per Full time EE, Staff count, Time Sheet, Time to Hire-Fill Calculation, Training Budget, Training Log, Turnover Calculation, Turnover Cost Calculation-Expanded, Turnover Costs, Turnover Report, Utilization AnalysisAvailability, Vacancy Cost Calculation, Vacancy Rate Calculation, WC Costs Per EE, WC Inident Rate, WC Severity Rate, Workforce Analysis, four-fifths rule.


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Consumer Reviews

By Hemlatha
never heard of HR calculators, but then when I opened the zipped file I was amazed at the kind of excel sheets that are used by HR professionals in their every corporate lives

By Gagandeep Bhalla
really nice concept of collecting such excel sheets and putting them together

By Mathew J
HR calculators is a unique concept, these excel sheets are actuallu important when you look at it now, otherwise one would not even think of such excel sheets, now I think I can throw these concepts at my campus interview to impress the corporates