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This package contains Bond data of CHINA. The data comprises of 10Y Sovereign Bond yields. Presented in a ready-to-analyze Excel format.

Package Features:

This package contains Bond data of CHINA. The Bond data comprises of 10Y Government Bond yields. Historical Data of past 15 years upto July 2017.

SOURCE: Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China

Presented in a ready-to-analyze MS-Excel format. 

    File types included in the zipped package : Excel

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Consumer Reviews

By Trisha Iyer
dongrila is the place where I found what I have been looking for on GOOGLE and YAHOO. Kudos to your team.

By Samir Lakhani
very neatly done..doesnt feel like a data dump..very professional.

By Hin Lourembam

By Vivian Hsu
First time in my student life I did not fudge trend analysis and its bcoz of your data.. XOXO