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This package contains Bond data of FRANCE. The Bond data comprises of 10 Y Sovereign Bond yields. Presented in a ready-to-analyze MS-Excel format.

Package Features:

This package contains Bond data of FRANCE. The Bond data comprises of 10Y Government Bond yields. Historical Data of past 15 years upto July 2017.

SOURCE: Department of Treasury, France

Presented in a ready-to-analyze MS-Excel format. 

    File types included in the zipped package : Excel

    File size of the package : 2 Mb

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Consumer Reviews

By Aniruddha G
We never had hoped to see something like this ever happening. Not atleast till I finished my MBA, but here it is.. Thanks dongrila

By Randeep Negi

By Dichen Lachman
When we received messages on phone we thought it is a hoax..and very cautiously we pooled in 200 rupees to buy one package that turned out to be a dream come true.. We bought 15 more packages after that.. Thank You

By Mohamed Zahir

By Loveena Das
can't even begin to describe my frustration about searchig for such data for my are an angel in disguise

By Shoaib Ansari
Shuqriya janaab

By Arjun Dandekar

By Aniket Dinkar

By Bhaskar
falling short of words

By Milap Shah
This happens only in india!! Wow..the flipkart of education has begun its journey