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A Ten year data set of 5 Government lead indicators of Indonesia - Government Budget, Government Debt To GDP, Government Spending and Budget, Credit Rating.

Package Features:

This is a data collection exclusively prepared for management students seeking economic data for their dissertations, report writing, presentations etc. Historical Data of past 15 years upto July 2017.

This package contains the following data in excel format, ready to be analyzed in any manner you require.

  • Government Budget
  • Government Budget Value
  • Government Debt To GDP
  • Government Spending
  • Credit Rating

SOURCE: Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia

This data is available for 25 countries on our portal, you can check out the other country's data as well if you may so wish. The countries covered under our data processing are: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, Lebanon, UAE, N America, England, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, Germany, Europe.

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Consumer Reviews

By Visvanathan Rudrakumaran
I never thought an excel sheet would bring a smile to my face ever! You guys rock

By Liang Fook
I am simply amazed by the good work

By Adil Shah
You are the next amazon

By Jairam P
This kind of data delivery is simply unhear of and unseen

By Unni
My entire institute is now your fan boss