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The project specifically designs the study of BCG matrix for Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). HUL marked the initiation of marketing branded FMCG in India.

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The included project was carried out by the scholars mentioned in the respective report. The views, assertions, inferences presented in the reports are those of the authors, and not endorsed by our portal in any manner.

Our endeavour here is to present myriad project reports to the students for them to get an idea about how to present reports, we request the students to use this material as a guideline and refrain from copying the matter for their submissions, doing so will defeat the whole purpose here - to learn and evolve.

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Consumer Reviews

By Karuna
it is a nice gesture by dongrila to provide project reports for reference

By Nir Avieli

By Dinesh Malpani
good reference material

By Nimantha